Body Changes

IMG_0001Went to the store yesterday ’cause I’d realized the jeans I bought back in November were just about falling off me. I started off at a size 18, reached a size 16 in November and as of yesterday I’m now wearing a size 14 jean. I did my measurements since I haven’t done that since November and it looks like I’ve lost 4 inches in my waist and one in my thighs. For some odd reason my hips came out the same, so I may not have measured correctly one of these times.

Still, it’s good to know that while the scale may not have been moving around much the last couple of months, the inches were going. I’m crediting a lot of it on my exercising. Even if I wasn’t eating the best, I’ve kept up the c25k, three times a week and I think I’ve finally found a way to get 100 pushups into my schedule. I’m still more then half thinking of taking some kind of fitness class, and I’m looking at some options at the local community college. They have a water fitness class for a few weeks starting in February and I know that would be kinder to my joints then the karate class I took on Friday. I wanted to try it (the karate), and I did, but my knees were telling me that pursing it would be a bad idea.

It’s always good to remember that even if the scale doesn’t move, that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting into shape. If I can reach a size twelve, that will make me really, really happy. For me that’s always been a major goal, to get back to a twelve. I know my body and my shape. I’m very much a pear, very much a curvy Mediterranean-bodied woman. Even when I was a teenager in fantastic shape I was still a size ten, maybe an eight a couple times. I’ll never be super skinny and I’m perfectly okay with that. I do love this body I’ve been given.

I did go ahead and change my goal weight though. I’d originally put 130, since, well, that’s what I weighed when I was 18. But I’m nearly 32 now, so I changed it to 140. Figured that’s still within the range and gives me wiggle room.

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