Back on the Treadmill

Yesterday morning  got up and went to the gym. Boy, I could tell I’d only been twice in the last two weeks. Thought I might die on the treadmill and had that winded feeling most of the day, but I got through it. I’m determined to get through week 4 and start week 5 next week. With how I felt yesterday I can tell how far I’ve come already. And I didn’t cheat myself or cut myself short. Just hope Wednesday is easier.

As of yesterday I’m treating my workout schedule as Mon, Wed,  Fri, C25k at the gym at work. Tue, Thu and Sat is 100 pushups. I’m also pondering a local karate studio. I need to go from pondering to making a decision. I did karate briefly as a kid, and enjoyed it, so if they don’t mind out of shape adults, I might make a go of it.

Hubby got me some workout gear for Christmas. This is where I’m starting the year, 175 lbs, mostly out of shape. By the end of the year I’ll be much healthier and at my goal weight.


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