Weekly Weigh 12/31/10 and December wrap up

175.2, again. Which means I gained 1.5. I’m not surprised. I ate terribly, didn’t track, had soda and only really worked out one day, though I may take a hike today.

December was a stressful month with both jobs, Christmas and the old financial stress. So other then not really gaining or losing any weight (I’m .1 lbs off where I started the month), how did I do on the health front?

I’m gonna call it “mostly okay, considering.” Which may not be the most positive statement, but I think it’s the one that fits. I may not have lost a bunch of weight, but I didn’t jump twenty pounds either. Up until the last 2 weeks I was going steady with the C25k and I’m going to get back on it with week 4 again on Monday. one of my goals for 2011 is running a 5k sometime this spring, and I should really find a date for that.

My goals for December were:

  • Reach my 10% on Weight Watchers – Yeah, that didn’t happen.
  • Get back into Healthmonth – Just didn’t do it.
  • Stick with Couch to 5k – Did great with that until this last week. Can’t stumble now.
  • Hike on weekends when I can – I think I took one hike, but hey I was busy, it counts.

    Participate in #Fitblog and #WWchat – I participated a few times, need to make sure I’m still doing so.

    So yeah, December wasn’t very good on those goals. Here’s the goals for January:

    • Bring lunch to work at least 4/5 days a week – This will be a big help with eating right, even if I have to make a sandwich the night before since I’m lazy in the morning.
    • Continue the C25k – Just gotta get back on it Monday morning.
    • Track food daily – Again, this is necessary for eating right
    • No soda! – This one gets an exclamation point.  The vending machines and cafeteria at work are tempting, but soda doesn’t even make me feel all that great. I can always drink coffee or tea instead.
    • Break out of the 170s – I’m just getting really sick of seeing the 7 in my weight.

    So what January comes down to, really, is focus on the basics. I’ve signed up for Healthmonth again, just the minimum of simple rules. I think I’m going to try blogging here more, though I have no idea what I’ll talk about. Then again, being accountable often helps. My watchword for 2010 was decisive, and I think that will be my word again for 2011. Decide to do it then….just do it.

    Finally I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite videos from 2010, both as a history nut and a recovering Tetris addict.

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    2 Responses to Weekly Weigh 12/31/10 and December wrap up

    1. Meagan says:

      Your december sounds similar to mine. :-/

      Good luck with getting back on track! Know that you have lots of "friends you haven't met yet" on weight watchers and in the blogosphere going through the same things. You can do it!

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