Weekly Weigh in 12/17

Loss of .6 pounds. Hey I’ll take it. I was a bit bad about snacking at work this week., but things are settling down a bit. Still working two jobs and one more week of Christmas Retail Madness. Next week I’m on the floor at the customer service job so that will kill most of the snacking I’ve been doing. I’m still struggling to eat right, but at least I’m still running. C25k week 4 starts Monday.


Few other times of note. I signed up for the pound for pound challenge they’re always promoting on the Biggest Loser. Figure it gives me another reason to stick with it.

The other thing is Winter Wonderland Warriors. The idea is to make some goals through late winter, January 3 – March 28, 2011. I’ll post an update on Mondays along with answers to some survey questions. Rest of the details are there.

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