Even [Weekly Weigh in 12/10/10]

175.2, so virtually the same weight as last week, but I’m not complaining. I snacked a bit too much at work and I really need to hit the grocery, but can’t until I get paid today. The important thing is I’m still here, still blogging, still weighing in, still at least kinda tracking.

I’ll really start counting points again in the morning. Picking up fruits and veggies at the grocery for snacks today and I’m gonna bring my lunch next week instead of eating out of the cafeteria, though I think I’ll keep getting salad there.

Still plugging away at C25k, though not keeping up with 100 pushups. I need to figure out how to get myself to do that. Right now though I’m off to work to jog. Next week there will be a loss.

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2 Responses to Even [Weekly Weigh in 12/10/10]

  1. James says:

    Are you doing real pushups or something like a wall push up? I've got to do walls for right now. Occasionally use a ball to hold on to, pushing against the wall. Extra balance and core work. keep up good work!

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