Weekly Weigh in 12/3/10

Up 1.7, so I’m back to 175.1. Yeah, I’m going the wrong direction. But look, I weighed in, I’m posting this here. I’m calling November a wash and I’m gonna kick December’s rear end, starting today. Not giving up.

I really need to get to the grocery, but I’m eating some oatmeal here before I go up to work out. Day 3 of week one of C25k. I don’t think I’ll be able to get to the store before tomorrow evening [unless I go after I get off work at midnight+, and I doubt that will happen]. But tomorrow I can go, list in hand, make sure I’m getting the right foods, and good foods and next week will be a loss and not a gain. I’m very close to my 10% lost goal and I know I can see that in December.

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4 Responses to Weekly Weigh in 12/3/10

  1. Blubeari says:

    Hey! Glad to hear you are doing C25K. I tried so many times throughout my life to be a runner and never succeeded until I downloaded the app for C25K. I'm taking you up on that pushups challenge, btw. :-) Here's to a better December for both of us. :-)

    • Merinda says:

      Yep, we can both do the pushups, and yeah, I'm loving the C25k so far. I really want to actually run a 5k sometime early next year. I should look for a race to sign up for in the spring.

  2. James says:

    1.7 with thanksgiving and holiday stress isn't the end of the world. I was up 2 and I've been sick with chest cold.

    Body fluctuates 5 pounds a day so thats a draw. Just remember its a marathon and not a sprint. Just keep on going! You've got it!

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