IMG_7710November kicked my booty. Started off feeling strong from October, but by week 2 I was dragging. The 6th I walked my 5k, and that was awesome but the perfect storm of working Holiday retail and stress over money and jobs and things just overwhelmed me.

I’ll find out this Friday if I lost anything this week. So far it’s looking like I’ve lost a grand total of like two pounds this whole month. By this point I’m barely tracking in Weight Watchers and I haven’t checked in on Healthmonth in a week.

So back on track I go. I started a new job last week, while keeping the old one, but this should actually reduce my stress levels. I survived Black Friday, so that was the big thing on that front.

Goals for December:

  • Reach my 10% on Weight Watchers – That means 168, which isn’t unreasonable at all. So far I have no opinion on the new points.
  • Get back into Healthmonth – This was helping me a lot before, especially with my competitive streak.
  • Stick with Couch to 5k – Just started that this week. But since I can’t hike, I think this will be the next best thing.
  • Hike on weekends when I can – Yes, it’s cold [for Texas, anyway]. Need to hike/walk anyway, as it’s good for me mentally
  • Participate in #Fitblog and #WWchat – Staying in touch and participating reminds me I’m not alone in this fight.

That’s the big things anyway. It’s December 1st. Hope everyone has a good Holiday Season. Be kind to your retail workers. I’m off to the gym.

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