Couch to 5k

I started the Couch to 5k thing again today. I started it a couple years ago but stopped after a week or two cause I twisted my ankle. Now that I have access to the gym at work I’m determined to do it for real this time.

I’m using the Felt Tip Couch to 5k app on my iPhone. I had no problems with it, and kept my phone awake the whole time. In fact the only problem I had was I wasn’t paying attention and hit quickstart on the treadmill so the treadmill decided to stop after 20 minutes. I’ll have to make sure I set it the right way on Wedensday!

I’m looking forward to using this to get in shape, especially as I won’t be able to take as many hikes with both jobs. I figure Tuesday and Thursday I can use the other machines.

Haven’t had much time to check out the new Weight Watchers, gonna do that now that I’m home from work.

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