Fitting in workouts

IMG_6871-1This post was inspired by a minor squabble with my hubby this morning. By the time I peeled myself out of bed, he was already watching our only TV. I had hoped to use the Wii this morning, since I’m not yet able to access the gym at my new job. His response was a grumpy, “Your working both jobs today, you don’t need to work out.”

I ate my breakfast, but I could feel that itch to move, especially since I was lazy and didn’t yesterday. Which is why I prefer to get my exercise in the morning; if I wait until evening or after work, I likely won’t do it.

Since the Wii wasn’t available and I didn’t have time to drive to the park I took my booty outside and did a couple laps of the apartment complex. About a 30 minute walk and I didn’t really get sweaty, but that’s okay, I do have to be to work shortly and no time for a shower, but at least I moved myself.

Sometimes we have to get creative about fitting things in. I know there’s a DIY Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. I want to, but Thursday is gonna be a bit crazy for me. Well, Thursday and Friday. My retail store opens at 10pm, and I’m working 10pm Thursday -6am Friday at that job, then going to the new job from 8am 4:30pm. I think I may break my 2 months long no soda/energy drinks that day. We’ll see. All I really want to do on Thanksgiving is try and sleep all day.

So, if life gets in the way, try to figure out how to do it anyway, even if it’s a couple laps around the block or walking in your living room. I know I always feel better after a bit of exercise.

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