My typical breakfast

When it comes to breakfast and lunch, I can pretty much eat the same thing every day. I’ll sometimes mix it up, but this is what I have most of the week.


I used to eat eggbeaters, but I’m trying to eat real food more often then not. So this is one whole omega-3 egg and one egg white. And a slightly mess counter. Also I got these little bowls at Ikea, and they’re fantastic.


Since egg by itself is boring this is what I add to my egg. The cheese is spicy and so is the pico de gallo. The turkey crumbles are just yummy.


As you can see, I don’t have much of any of it on there. Basically I count the fillings as 1 point, since it’s nowhere near 1 serving of anything.


I burned my egg just a little trying to take pictures, but it came out okay. I have a piece of double fiber toast with a bit of light butter. The green thing is my vitamin, one a day active. And my orange juice. Normally I have a glass, I just ran out of oj this particular morning.

I count this as 6 points. That may be slightly lowballing it, but I figure as long as it’s healthy it doesn’t matter if I’m off a point or two. This gives me plenty of fuel to get my day going.

And today I start a new job. I’m excited!

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