Finally away from that number

I was pretty sick and tired of seeing 176 on my scale this month. Down 3.6 this week, but I just figure that’s this weeks loss + what last week would have been if it wasn’t that time of the month. I also started tracking my measurements, finally, so we’ll see how the inches go. I’m already thinking I need to get at least a pair or two of pants. Yay!

It also says a lot about my shift in attitude that one of the things I’m really excited about with my new job is the workout center. While I could go workout on post, I never really liked doing that, and frankly if I have to drive out of my way to go to a gym I almost never go. With this though, I believe I’ll be able to work out before work, which would be great. Might even give couch 2 5k a go. I’ll find out more about it on Monday when I start the new job.

And I’m gonna need that workout too since I’m keeping the retail job as a 2nd job, at least for now, and I anticipate not having a heck of a lot of free time. Speaking of retail, off I go. Here’s hoping I keep my happy, positive attitude in the face of Christmas shoppers!

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  1. Lisa Johnson says:

    Go you and 15 pounds! I had a nutritionist tell me once you can fluctuate as much as four pounds during that time of the month. I know I'm always at least a couple.

    The general rule of thumb is 10 pounds per dress size (this varies a bit, you'll know yourself best. So it does sound like a shopping expedition is in order. When I was losing weight I tended to buy skirts that I could size down easily so I didn't have to keep buying stuff but I could look nice as the weight was coming off.

    Merinda give yourself a pat on the back, it's a great accomplishment. :-) Congrats!


    • Merinda says:

      Thanks bunches. The jeans and khakis I bought from the big girl store are way too big now, even with a belt, so yeah, at least one pair of each is needed, until I go down another size of two

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