Starting the week right

IMG_7707-1After the bad job I did this weekend, I was determined that I start off the week on the right foot. I still hit the snooze a couple times, but I was out of bed before 7.

I had my healthy breakfast [An omega-3 egg, bit of cheese and turkey sausage mixed in, was out of pico de gallo, double fiber toast and vitamin], then was out the door before 8.

Apparently someone was glad I was up because the sun came out just as I started walking. Didn’t go very long, just about 40 minutes, but it was good. Saw a cardinal and a few other birds. Afterward I tried going a different way home, but ended up taking the scenic route. Okay, I got a little lost, but hey, it was pretty, and that’s why I’ve got GPS on my cell phone. I found civilization eventually.

I didn’t eat hardly any fruit and veggies this weekend, and I kinda doubt I drank enough water. So it’s especially important I get my rear in gear today. I had chicken noodle soup for lunch and I’m gonna eat an apple when I finish writing this. I’ll get in all my servings today.

I’m also fixing a shepherd’s pie from the “Best one-dish dinners” Weight Watchers magazine. 6 points a serving, and it’ll feed me and hubby the rest of the week. Last weeks dish wasn’t that great, so I need to knock it out of the park for this week.


Hike Summary


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