Weekly Links 11/11

I follow a lot of folks on twitter, so, I figured I’d take a moment and share some of my favorite links for the week:

First, from Fit Bee : Why Weight Watchers Just Works There’s a reason it’s my favorite program.

From the Fat Person Challenge [JP]: Weight Loss according to Wonka Lots of great stuff here.

From Kris O’Connor: 10 clues I’ve adopted new healthy habits For me it’s the bag of boxes of raisins on the counter, the new hiking shoes by the door and the workout clothes next to the Wii.

And Leaving Fatville is having a CSN.com giveaway. See how to enter here. Three ways to win and the contest ends the 16th of November. As for me? I’d buy a dutch oven/casserole with it.

It’s Veterans Day today, so take a moment today if you can and remember all those who have served.

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2 Responses to Weekly Links 11/11

  1. jp says:

    Thanks Merinda for posting my site and for introducing me to a couple new ones!

    • Merinda says:

      Your welcome. I also had a friend thank me for the RT earlier in the week, so I knew it was too good not to share. Keep up the great work!

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