My Hiking Bag

8 hour shift at work today, so I got up early and kicked hubby off the TV to do some EA Sports Active: More Workouts. Decided to try the Island Adventure workout. My knees wanted to know what was up with the jumping and my body didn’t like that I worked out before breakfast, but it kicked my booty as always. I ate way too much pizza last night to slack off. I think the pizza went right to my newly shrunk posterior.

Last night was my first time participating in #Fitblog chat, so hello to anyone that found me from there. It was really pretty interesting. The archive for last night is here. I enjoyed the conversation and gained a bunch of twitter followers, so I’m excited about it.

And I mentioned yesterday in passing that when I hike I wear a fanny pack. This is what’s in it:

It’s pretty simple really, though I joke that one of these days I’m gonna need to get a backpack. The big orange square is a day hiker first aid kit. The yellow tube is a snakebite kit. A few weeks ago I ran across a rattlesnake in the middle of the trail, all stretched out. My dad strongly encouraged me to get one. I’ve only seen the one and I doubt I’ll see any more in the winter, but hey, just in case. The bottle is ibuprofen. Next to that is my Gerber Multitool, then an emergency whistle/compass and finally the thing I use the most…camper’s toilet paper. Hey, I don’t like grabbing random leaves. I keep it all in a fanny pack I got at Disney World last summer and there’s enough room for my wallet so I don’t have to take my whole purse.

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  1. Hello! I found you through the chat last night. Just wanted to say hello. :)

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