The other place I walk

When I don’t have a lot time I sometimes walk closer to home at this nearby city park that’s got a walking path. Walking here is different then when I walk out at Dana Peak. That’s wilderness [or at least wild], this is urban. When I walk at the park I wear my tennis shoes instead of hiking boots. I don’t bother with my stick or my fanny pack. I bring my walkman iPod.

The park and it’s path are popular. Lots walkers, joggers and dogs. I don’t generally bring my camera, but I did today. For whatever reason this park’s the only place I ever see squirrels. In the evening, especially in summer, the baseball fields are full of kids. Whenever the city has an outdoor shindig, it’s here. It’s a nice place, just not my favorite, though it is good for a change of pace, or when I just need a quick thirty-minute walk and don’t want to drive far.

Walk Summary

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