Caterpillar Parade

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Took a long hike this morning. It’s been about a week since I’ve been out to my favorite place, Dana Peak Park, and it’s the only morning this week I’m not working opening shift.

Time change and better habits got me up at 615 this morning, but by the time I’d collected my friend, Crystal, and got out there it was 830. It was a little chilly in the early hours, but I’d taken my sweater off within the first half mile. She’s ten years young then me and in better shape, and she wanted a long hike. That’s why I don’t mind going with her, even if I’m dragging a bit the last mile.

Dana Peak has a lot of trails and we meandered around the twin hills and along the lake. A month ago there were a lot of butterflies and a few flowers. Now there’s even less flowers and a whole lot of caterpillars. We were careful not to step on any that were running across the trail or along it. We saw a bunny too, though I guess the deer are hiding during hunting season. And, this being Texas, of course there were a few buzzards.

I use SprintGPS on my phone to track my hikes and I was pleased when we got back to the car and found that we’d gone just shy of 4 miles in almost 2 hours. Beautiful day for a hike too.

We stopped for lunch and I had a burrito bowl, which is at least slightly healthier then a full burrito. Worse thing in there was the rice and cheese, but in the end I only ate about half of it anyway. I’m getting better at listening to my bodies signals.

Heading to work in about an hour, long shift tonight. The rest of the week I work opening shift, which means either a walk or EASports Active in the afternoon. Still, this weeks off to a great start.

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