It All Counts, Right?

I’m putting that I did 30 minutes of slow walking on my Weight Watchers today. While I didn’t officially Take A Walk, I did go to the grocery store. Twice, actually.

See, thanks to the time change I woke up at 645am. I thought about going for an official walk, but my legs are still sore from the 5k yesterday. And my arms are sore from Wii boxing the day before that, but that’s besides the point.

So I figured I’d hit the big grocery store. A big part of my getting healthy strategy is fixing one big dish on Sunday so Hubby and I can eat on it all week long. A lot easier to not eat out when there’s leftovers in the fridge. This weeks plan is a beef/onion stew type thing, and I figured the grocery store wouldn’t be that crowded this early so off I went.

Forgot it was Sunday. No, it wasn’t busy, but the recipe calls for a bottle of beer, and in Texas, there’s no alcohol before noon on a Sunday. I got everything else I needed though and came home.

I’m lucky that there’s literally a grocery store across the street from my apartment complex. I prefer the big grocery for most things, but if it’s just a couple things, then yeah, I’ll walk over. No way I’d drive; I’d feel like the laziest person in the world if I did. So at about ten to noon I grabbed a bag and headed over. The recipe called for a dark beer, and not a stout so after staring at the few offerings I grabbed a 6 pack of Sam Adams Oktoberfest. I don’t really drink, but Hubby does, so I know it won’t go to waist waste.

And now that I’ve put off cooking for another half hour while I write this post, I better get to it!

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