Walking my first 5k

It was freezing this morning as my alarm went off at 630. I’d made myself go to bed early, so I was able to get up with a minimum of grumbling and got my breakfast in me and get to post.

This was the “Run to Remember,” honoring the victims of the Fort Hood shooting almost exactly 1 year ago, as well as all the Fort Hood soldiers lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’d seen the billboard on my way to my morning walk and jumped at the chance. There was a 1 mile walk, a 5k run/walk, and a 13.1 mile marathon. Later this afternoon was a free rock show, but I skipped that part.

It was 37 F

The crowd was pretty big; then again, the army’s used to getting up early. Right about 8am everyone got around the starting line and we took off.

The army's idea of a starter pistol

I was already in the middle to back, so I was getting passed pretty quickly and feeling kinda bad that I was walking by myself. Fortunately, I’m friendly and I met a lady pushing a baby stroller who was also walking alone. We ended up towards the back of the pack, but I think I made a friend and we got the walk done in about an hour and a half.

The walk back was right into the sun

I’m glad I did it. Maybe next time I can try running. or not, heh. The funny thing is I went and babysat another friend’s kids afterward and we ended up taking a walk. Must be a glutton for punishment. Right now I’m in dire need of a nap, but I feel really great!


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  1. What a great occasion. Congrats on walking the 5k!! I recently ran my first 5k. I'm not a fast runner and had 4 walkers finish before me. But I finished!! That is definitely something we can both be proud of!

  2. I LOVE that you took a pic at the turnaround point – you are uber cool in my book! Walking is soooooo good – I used to think I didn't have "time" for it, but I've found myself walking more and more – it is so good for my mental health too. No worries about the jogging… I have long, sordid stories about my trying to jog LOL. But I have been "wogging" lately – nothing crazy – just a few minutes here and there. But again, it all counts, eh? Thanks again ~

    • Merinda says:

      Yeah I've found I go a bit stir crazy if I don't take a walk. Even if I can't make my favorite park, I gotta go to the one that's closer. And just now I walked to the grocery that's literally across the street. I'd feel like the laziest person on earth if I drove across the street.

  3. Sonja Foust says:

    Oh, good for you! That's so great! And you look beautiful, by the way. :)

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