Well I’m a bit of a mess again

*Peeks around corner*

Yes I do still exist. Man, this has been helluva year. I see I posted last in September and said I was gonna try again. Yeah, I’ve gained twelve since then and I’m sitting at a new high for me, once I womaned up and got on the scale this weekend. Finaly figured out why my pants seemed to have gotten shorter – my butt has gotten bigger and that’s pulling them up.

No time to panic. I have a steady job and paycheck again. I’ve been eating crap because it’s cheap. Time to stop eating ramen and soda for lunch every day. According the weight watchers app, ramen noodle soup is 11 points. They just recalibrated weight watchers, so now’s a good time to get back on it. Need to work out. Eat a veggie.

They’re both big things, but my focus for 2012 needs to be my health and my finances. Healthy me in every way. I even have health insurance again. I’m sure the financial stress isn’t helping the weight gain either. Looking into You Need a Budget to help with that. Might even start going to church regular again.

If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that hiding from your problems doesn’t fix them. Best ot take the bull by the horns. Now, if only hubby hadn’t baked so many Christmas cookies…

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