I’m still here

This has been something of a crazy year for me. Hence the distinct lack of blogging. At the start of the year I’d lost 10 pounds, was doing great with couch to 5k, had a job I really enjoyed, and was generally going along just fine.

Then in February my job changed. Same company, different project that I rapidly hated. Still I stuck it out. April I was laid off. Turned out that the way that Texas counts things, I didn’t qualify for unemployment. So the last six months or so have been a struggle financially and otherwise. Gained and lost jobs, and now I’m back at the same company that laid me off in April, doing pretty much what I loved before, and hoping this time they let me be.

And now that I’ve got a [hopefully] stable job again, I can go back to focusing on me. I’m back to 177 pounds, which means I didn’t gain everything back, so that’s a small victory. I’ve made a friend at work and we’re going to start Jillian Michaels 30 day shred today. After a long spell of feeling like I was in freefall, I’m starting to feel like I’m beginning to get a handle. I hope.

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