Finding order

So, let me just sweep some dust out of the corners.

The last few months have been stressful, at least. I got laid off in April and after a few months of uncertainty and part time jobs I start a good full time job in the morning. I started Weight Watchers again this weekend, though I didn’t eat well, I at least tracked it.

I always do better with structure. It’s the same reason I suck at online classes. I need a classroom setting. I know how to eat, but I like the structure of Weight Watchers. This job not only pays well, but it’s real full time job with a regular schedule. Plus it removes some of the eating out temptations since I pretty much have to bring a lunch if I want to eat. The first couple weeks are training, then I’ll get my actual schedule. I figure I’ll figure out where the gym fits in once I get out of training. Maybe I’ll see how much a trainer costs.

So I stocked up on healthy stuff for lunches. I’m starting back again at 180, which means, hey, at least I didn’t gain it all back. I know I’ve got the support and the tools I need. Just have to follow the path.

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