Weekly Weigh in 2/11/11

I didn’t want to weigh in today, but I did anyway

What I expected, a very slight gain. I was figure either a gain or the same. I’m stuck back at 175 and change. Grr. But I had a terrible week. I stopped tracking sometime around Tuesday and only really worked out on Monday.

Work is making me buggy. My job changed to something easy and its inane and its totally boring. At least I’m getting reading done. I finished “The omnivore’s dilemma”, “The Help” and I’ve started on “Water for Elephants”. This is why I went ahead and bought a nook. And in an extra bit of idiocy they had us draw new schedules out of a hat. We could trade, but, still that’s pretty messed up that we had no options. My new schedule is 7am to 3:30pm, which is actually pretty close to perfect. I’ll have to work out after work instead of before, unless I want to get up at 5am, which, heck, I might, we’ll see. And this way I can keep my second job, even more important since I can no longer get any overtime. I’m applying for other things.

I’m feeling down on myself. Part of that I know is PMS, plus, for some reason my upcoming birthday is freaking me out ever so slightly. No idea why, unless it’s also the PMS, heh. Monday, for the record, and 32. I’m never ashamed of my age, then again, I still get carded. So, I need to get myself together. I have a 5k I’m running on March 6th I’ve already paid for. Me and hubby together. I also got the “30 Day Shred” Jillian Michael’s DVD. I was gonna start that Monday but I might just start it today. I took my measurements.

oh and have I mentioned how awesome my online friends are? I think I have, several times. @projectjaime had a surprise giveaway the other day and I got this in the mail yesterday:

Perfect timing. Just when I need a reminder. They’re available at this Etsy store.

Time to kick this next week in the booty, starting with breakfast today. I’ll also take book suggestions.

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