A good one

I work retail right now, and Christmas has officially started. When I work a morning-evening shift, you’d think the last thing I’d want to do is come home and exercise, and some days, that’s true.

I haven’t ate the best this week. I had a happy meal yesterday [hey, it used to be the adult sizes], and it was my first McD’s in a month. Also a chocolate milk, just because. I snuck a look on the scale today and I’ll probably be steady or a minimum loss this week. I think I’ve avoided a gain.

Still, I didn’t exercise yesterday and I had bad food. But I’m trying not to let one day hold me back and I found, as I drove home from a 7 hr shift, that I felt pretty good, considering, no doubt helped by healthy choices all day in food. So I decided I’d work out when I got home.

First I tried a couple workout videos on Netflix, which reminded me that I totally suck at aerobics, so I gave up on that and popped in EA Sports Active: More Workouts, which had been sitting unopened for a couple weeks.

Now on the EA sports active vs. Wii Fit question, I’m all for Sports active. Its a lot harder to cheat the game, and the Wii Fit board doesn’t really like my carpet. So I checked the preset workouts and found a 30 minute ‘step’ program. For some reason, despite how much I suck at Aerobics and my lack of rhythm, I’m not bad at step things like this. Probably because the Wii is less concerned that my arms and legs are going together and just what my feet are doing. If I flail a bit, it’s okay.

So, 30 minute aerobic workout is done. Dinner isn’t the healthiest thing in the world, but at least I’m getting it out of my freezer. Made all my healthy checks for the day. I’m calling this a good one.

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  1. Sounds like a good one, I think I had a good one today too. Eating isn't great, but more not getting enough variety in than actual bad choices. And timing has been off.

    Jigme Datse

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