Weekly Weigh in 2/4/11 and Monthly Wrap Up January 2011

Back up to 175.6. Yeah, I lost all the weight I’d previously lost this month, and then some. Well, I was expecting a gain this week. Lots of stress and shifting of things at work and I didn’t work out that hard and I ate bad. Can I blame the fact that it was below 20 degrees most of the week? And I live in Central Texas?

Well actually no, I can’t. Part of this healthy living thing is taking responsibility, and I went a bit off the rails this week. It’s great I did 45 minutes with Nike Training Club last night, but that’s not going to make up for a week of slacking. I might venture over to work later after the snow melts to run, since I need to do that too. Which leads to my big news of the week:

I have registered for my first 5k.

Silver Classic, March 6th, 2011. It’s a month off, and that means I can’t miss any more runs if I really want to do this thing. I’m thinking of trying a treadmill 5k for my birthday, we’ll see how that goes.

Now what about January in general? Well overall I’d say not great, but not terrible either. I mostly lost weight, mostly stayed on track. I was, overall, a lot better about tracking points (until this week, anyway). I need to  not sabotage myself, really. If I’d stayed on track this week I might have reached 170 this week. Instead I put it right back on. It’s also a good reminder that a few days of bad eating and slacking on the exercise and that big scary number I started from might be reality all over again.

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  1. Hey Merinda — don't beat yourself up! There will be setbacks! Take it in stride (like you're doing) and keep pushing forward.

    I just posted a story about a friend of mine who used running — and signing up for races — to keep her on track. You might be able to relate! http://molly-sweeney.com/?p=1549

    Good luck to you!

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