Winter Wonderland Warriors Week 5

My goals:

  1. Finish Couch to 5k
  2. Finish the first round of one hundred pushups
  3. Start and finish two hundred situps
  4. Register for my first 5k
  5. Get below 170, preferably to at least 168, my 10% goal
  6. Finish at least two books
  7. Try a fitness class.
  8. Consistently track my food.
  9. Take at least one hike a month.
  10. Watch one classic movie a week.


1)What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?

Did part of week 6 of C25k, but I’m going to do it over again this week. Doing both pushups and situps in the morning (on the days I don’t run). Lost half a pound, so hey, still going the right way with that. Still working on “The omnivores’ dilemma” and I’m going to get a nook with my tax return money. And tracking my food’s a big reason for my loss this week. I took a hike yesterday and the movie I watched was “Grey Gardens.”

2)January is coming to an end! How do you think you did in the month of January? Review time!

I think I’ve done a good job at getting myself back on track this month and I’m pleased with my progress. I’m at the point now where if I don’t work out I’m restless the rest of the day.

3)Do you feel like your motivation is tapering off now that a month has passed, or are you just as motivated as the beginning of the challenge?

I’m still feeling motivated, but a lot of that is because I’m seeing so many positive changes.

4)Who/what inspires you to keep going?

At the risk of sounding Narcissistic, me. Seeing the changes in myself and my body is plenty of motivation for me. Well and hubby helps and the sense of community from #fitblog and #wwchat.

5)Fun Question of the Week: What is the first thing you think of/do in the morning?

Well first thing I do is grab my phone and turn off the alarm/squint at the time. Then I grab my glasses. After that if it’s tue/thu/sat I go do my pushups and situps. If not, then it’s breakfast time.

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4 Responses to Winter Wonderland Warriors Week 5

  1. amber says:

    You're doing great with your goals!!

  2. Jess says:

    I too love to watch the changes my body is going through as I lose weight! Its amazing and exciting!

    • Merinda says:

      Yeah, and it's amazing the stuff you don't notice. Hubby pointed out I don't tell him to slow down when we walk anymore, I match his pace.

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