Weekly Weigh In 1/28/11

172.6, down .5 pounds. Hey I’ll take it, it’s a loss, not a gain. So I’m going the right direction anyway.

Pretty good week overall. I tracked most days (but not all, I admit) even when I didn’t eat the best stuff. I did go on a hike last Sunday, ran Monday, but didn’t have time and so just did a short, fast run on Wedensday. Going to run again this morning, and I think check out the Nike Training Club App I downloaded. Run Keeper is also free in the month of January, so I got that as well and I’ve been tracking my runs there as well.

I also put a few netflix Yoga/workout vid’s on my instant queue to try. I wish I had more room in my apartment. Whenever we move again, I want an extra bedroom I can use as a workout space. Meantime I’m still working through 100 pushups and I started 200 situps, since that doesn’t need much space. At least the gym at work is free, which is where I’m going after I eat breakfast.

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