Winter Wonderland Warriors- Week 4

IMG_7813-11)What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?

My big accomplishment of the week was running for 20 minutes without stopping on the treadmill on Friday. Ended up with a mile and a half, so, hey that’s half a 5k anyway. I took a hike yesterday (The results are the picture over there, phone held by my hubby, who was laughing that I was taking a picture of my phone). I finished another week of 100 pushups and took the initial test for 200 situps. For a movie I watched the Bing Crosby version of “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court.” Besides that I lost a pound to make up for last weeks gain and I’m back to tracking my points.

2)How are you feeling about the goals you set for yourself? Overwhelmed? Too easy? Just right?

I need to get in the habit of reading. overall I’m feeling pretty good though. I’ve been tracking, even when it’s painful, and I’m hopeful that I’ll see some movement on the scale this week.

3)Do you prefer to exercise inside or outside?

I think I’ll have to call 50/50 on this one. So far my running has all been treadmill, but I’m hoping to get outside when the weather changes. But I also love to hike and it’s awful hard to do that indoors!

4)Are you a self-starter or do you need a little push?

I’m a self-starter, but I need a push to keep going. I need people to notice and encourage me. That’s why even though my weight hasn’t been moving much I’m still blogging, because I’m still trying. It’s also why #fitblog and #wwchat are so important to me and give me a sense of community.

5)Fun Question of the Week: Why did you decide to start a blog?

See above. It’s accountability and even if sometimes I feel like nobody is listening, at least I have a record of what I’m doing and my accomplishments.

Life's Journey with a Smile

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