Wake up calls

About three weeks ago I bent over to open a window in my living room, pulled something wrong and ended up in urgent care in major pain. My lower back still isn’t quite right. Weekend before last I went to Austin and spent most of the day walking around and again my lower back was sore almost the entire next week from the walking. When I had a followup appointment a couple of days after hurting my back I was surprised to see the scale at the doctor’s office showed I’m nearly up to 200 lbs. Though I shouldn’t be, since I had to get 1x when I picked up shorts.

I’ve been watching what I’m eating a bit more, though I need to just stop with the fast food, and I’ve lost a couple of pounds according to my home scale. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, I know what I need to do, I need to just do it. I’m truly a bit scared for my health. The weekend I hurt my back I had to use the electric scooter at the grocery ’cause I just couldn’t walk the aisles. I haven’t had a proper checkup in years, but diabetes is pretty rampant in my extended family and I’ve never been checked. I’m thirty-three years old, I don’t need to have the body of a sixty year old.

Once the pool opens here at my apartment complex I want to take up swimming, since that’s easier on the joints. Meantime, I need to get off my butt (again). Need to find exercises I can do to strengthen my back and just get off the couch.  I’ve made the change at work to dressing more business casual, I can do this.

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Not resolutions

I sat down and made a list yesterday, that goes with the one I posted Sunday. 10 things to accomplish in 2012. Not resolutions, 10 things that, for the most part, I can just check off the list.

  1. Get my passport
  2. Visit the ocean (the Gulf counts)
  3. Pay off the car
  4. Settle into a budget
  5. Weigh less at the end of the year then the start
  6. Be less bitchy
  7. Be more understanding of my spouse
  8. Clean a little every day
  9. Run a 5k
  10. Take at least 1 hike a month

6 & 7 go together. I think I’ve just been feeling frustrated and out of control of my life and been taking it out on my spouse, which isn’t good for my marriage or for either of us.  The car is on track to be paid off this year anyway, so all I have to do is keep making the payments, and maybe a little bit extra. I’ve been meaning to get my passport for years, same with the 5k. Have to update this as I do these things.

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Find the Time

My plan was to get up at 6am and work out before going to work. Well work decided that we’d be super busy this week and instituted mandatory overtime. Today was a joke. I got there an hour early (730am) and had 5 calls the entire day. I didn’t work my extra hour after, but tomorrow it’s another early day.

Did a work out this evening instead. And I’ll do the same thing tomorrow, probably. Hubby gets home tomorrow evening so I may be busy. Still can’t get Fleetly to work right, so I did another Nike Training Club workout. Counted it as aerobics on Fleetly, I think, if it saved it.

Now, I just need to get on the tracking food thing.

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Happy New Year

Ah yes, new year. The time when we all make promises to ourselves that are broken within weeks. Well I don’t want to do that this year. 2011 was rocky and rough. I want 2012 to be a year of hope and positive change. So I’m taking steps to help myself.

  1. I’m back on Weight Watchers. Started it again technically two weeks ago, but I let myself not track this past week. Least the first 2 pounds I lost are still gone, so I’m at 187 and change as of today.
  2. Take financial control. I downloaded YouNeedABudget and signed up for a get started webinar for it for next Sunday. The cycle of paycheck to paycheck and no savings is stressing me out, and I need to break that.
  3. Attend church regularly. Hubby’s been downright begging me to go to church with him the last few months, and being spiritually adrift isn’t helping anything else.
  4. Exercise. Again, I already know this will help my body and mind. This weekends been gorgeous, taking a hike today. Need to start doing this every day too, in one form or another.

To help with all this, I signed back up for HealthMonth, since that’s been a good motivational tool in the past.  I also want to take better care of the house, since a clean, tidy, environment helps my thoughts. How about you all? Got any big plans? Or small ones?

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Well I’m a bit of a mess again

*Peeks around corner*

Yes I do still exist. Man, this has been helluva year. I see I posted last in September and said I was gonna try again. Yeah, I’ve gained twelve since then and I’m sitting at a new high for me, once I womaned up and got on the scale this weekend. Finaly figured out why my pants seemed to have gotten shorter – my butt has gotten bigger and that’s pulling them up.

No time to panic. I have a steady job and paycheck again. I’ve been eating crap because it’s cheap. Time to stop eating ramen and soda for lunch every day. According the weight watchers app, ramen noodle soup is 11 points. They just recalibrated weight watchers, so now’s a good time to get back on it. Need to work out. Eat a veggie.

They’re both big things, but my focus for 2012 needs to be my health and my finances. Healthy me in every way. I even have health insurance again. I’m sure the financial stress isn’t helping the weight gain either. Looking into You Need a Budget to help with that. Might even start going to church regular again.

If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that hiding from your problems doesn’t fix them. Best ot take the bull by the horns. Now, if only hubby hadn’t baked so many Christmas cookies…

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I’m still here

This has been something of a crazy year for me. Hence the distinct lack of blogging. At the start of the year I’d lost 10 pounds, was doing great with couch to 5k, had a job I really enjoyed, and was generally going along just fine.

Then in February my job changed. Same company, different project that I rapidly hated. Still I stuck it out. April I was laid off. Turned out that the way that Texas counts things, I didn’t qualify for unemployment. So the last six months or so have been a struggle financially and otherwise. Gained and lost jobs, and now I’m back at the same company that laid me off in April, doing pretty much what I loved before, and hoping this time they let me be.

And now that I’ve got a [hopefully] stable job again, I can go back to focusing on me. I’m back to 177 pounds, which means I didn’t gain everything back, so that’s a small victory. I’ve made a friend at work and we’re going to start Jillian Michaels 30 day shred today. After a long spell of feeling like I was in freefall, I’m starting to feel like I’m beginning to get a handle. I hope.

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Beat the Heat-Week 1


Weight Wars

So I decided to do this ten week challenge again, starting today. Here’s this week’s positive picture:

New haircut and I was dressed up for a date night. And here’s this weeks questions:

1)What are your goals for the 10 week challenge?

  1. Lose 10 pounds. Preferably more of course, but that would get me back to where I was before I gained some back. And a pound a week shouldn’t be hard, in theory anyway.
  2. Try at least 2 fitness classes. I belong to Gold’s Gym and while my work schedule won’t let me  do more then maybe one class a week, well, I need to do that one. Going to try and go Wednesday nights. Maybe I’ll finally try Zumba.
  3. Fast food no more then 5 times. I want to say no fast food, that would be better, but I’ll say once every two weeks. And I should try to pick healthy options when I do.
  4. Track food every day. I’m doing Weight Watchers again and this is going to be integral to that whole losing weight thing again, heh. I need to quit sabotaging myself in my dinners.
  5. Do couch to 5k. I did really great with this before, but never finished. So, I should be able to finish in nine weeks which, hey, is just in time for this.

2)Why did you pick those goals? What makes them important right now?

I let myself get all off track on my weight loss journey and gained back ten pounds. These goals will help me get going the right way again.

3)What’s your biggest excuse reason for not doing something and how are you going to stop it getting in the way?

I’m lazy. No really, I’m my own biggest enemy. So what I need to do is when it comes to doing things, is well, just do it. Don’t say I’ll do it later, do it now.

4)Are you a planner or do you go with the flow?

I’m pretty laid back, but when it comes to things like this I have to plan of else I’ll wander off track. That’s why Weight Watchers is good for me or C25k.

5)Fun thing Tell us something that will help us get to know you. Like things you like or a silly story or about your family.

Um, well I’m a reader. Right now I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction. I just finished “The outline of history” By HG Wells, and now I’m working on “The Power of Myth” By Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers. I like to think, I guess.

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Weekly Weigh in 7/1/11

179.3. Half a pound gain. It happens. I know part of the culprit anyway. I have a tendency to eat great until dinner then blow it. So, I need to make sure I’m eating a proper dinner. Since with my current job I don’t often get home until late and hubby doesn’t really know how to cook much beyond chili from a can and food from a box I need to cook when I do have time so it’s in the fridge and ready to go. For both of us.

I made it to the gym once and fooled around in the pool once this week. I’m actually headed to the gym right now to finally get my orientation I never got when I signed up. Exercising more will help too. Just gotta keep on going.

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Swim Goggles are Awesome


First off, let me say that I’m pretty darn nearsighted. I’ve worn glasses since second grade. They’re the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off at night. I had a couple tries with contacts, but glasses are what I’m used to.

So, along with that I’ve gone through life never being able to see much when I’m at a pool or the beach. I’d resigned myself to only being able to identify people by the color of their swimsuit. I’d often said that if I ever got lasik one of the best things would be to go to a beach and actually see.

Then last year, I don’t recall how, exactly. I heard about optical swim goggles. And only fourteen dollars with shipping! The only experience I’d had with any sort of prescription strength goggles was some snorkel goggles at Hanuma Bay. They let me see underwater, but I was still blind above the surface.

Like most people, one eye is stronger then the other, but they’re fairly close so I got them to the slightly better eye. They aren’t exactly glasses of course, but I can see just the same above and below water. Which is totally amazing if you’ve never been able to see clearly.

Another thing about me is I have a slight fear of pools. I’m actually more comfortable in ocean then pool. It’s because I almost drowned in a pool when I was a kid, and really it was just made worse by the not being able to see. But with the goggles I’m much more comfortable and confident in the pool. And yes, I did have swimming lessons as a kid after that.

I got mine at swimoutlet.com and if you have any sort of vision problem keeping you of the pool then I’d definitely recommend them.

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Weekly Weigh in 6/24/11

I’m at 178.8, which means I’m down 1.7 lbs for the week. Not the best start, but the week got kinda crazy and I didn’t exercise. I’m keeping 187 as my start point to remind myself of just where I started from and don’t want to go back to.

The new job ended up not happening, so I’m keeping my current job. I need to make sure I’m bringing lunches this week and planning meals. I also have plenty of time in the AM to hit the gym before work, so that’s part of the plan too.

So, live each day deliberately. Track what goes in my mouth. Start using that pricey gym membership. Same old standard stuff, but it’ll get me where I want to go.


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